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Thread: WML vs. XHTML

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    WML vs. XHTML

    Is WML the language of WAP 1.2? Where as XHTML is the language for WAP 2.0?

    I've been trying to find documentation for WML on developer.nokia.com, but have only found documentation for XHTML. Why is that?

    I used a relativly new Samsung D410 but it only had a WAP 1.2 browser... So I'm going to have to cater for WAP 1.2 and WAP 2.0 in my product.

    Which method of detection is recommended to sort between WAP 1.2/ WAP 2.0 phones?

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    Re: WML vs. XHTML

    Depends on what language you are using to read the info, but php's $_SERVER['HTTP_ACCEPT'] and alternatives in other ss languages is a good starter.


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