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    Question Issues with Carbide vs 2.0 installer!

    Hello everyone...would be glad if somebody could get me out of this jam as its driving me nuts.
    I was using Visual Studio.Net 2003 and had 2nd edition FP 2 installed along with Carbide vs.
    Couple of days ago my audio drivers (for my computer) got f*cked up so I had to restore some drivers by using the OEM drivers CD which came with my PC.
    Unfortunately this restoration of drivers led to some strange behavious as all my physical hard drive letters and memory card slots etc. got changed into a new order thus rendering a lot of applications useless (I had added extra hard drive after purchase of my computer).
    Instead of just putting the drive letters back to originals I decided to leave them (stupid decision) and re-install the applications which I needed and get rid of the ones which I never used.
    Unfortunately when I tried to uninstall Carbide VS it did not work...as the uninstaller could not locate the files (due to change of the drive letters). I decided to delete the folder for Carbide manually and reinstall it later. So I deleted Visual studio the SDKs and Carbide folders and re-installed Visual studio after cleaning up the registry with a tool from Microsoft. Also got the 2nd edition FP3 SDK for S60.
    Now the problem I am facing is that when I try to re-install Carbide vs. the installer gives me a message that a previous installation was detected and it should be removed before this installation can continue.
    The problem is I have already deleted the Carbide vs files from my pc and the program also does not appear in my installed applications list (Control Panel>>Add Remove Programs).
    Does anybody know of any tool which I can use to remove the Carbide vs. files from registry or something so that the installer does not detect any previous installation and just continues with the installation???
    Would be glad if somebody could help.

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    Re: Issues with Carbide vs 2.0 installer!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mitts
    mitts thanks a bunch for that.
    I was looking at wrong place at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall

    Thanks again. I'll try it when I am at home and hopefully everything will go smoothly.

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