Hi all:
I have downloaded NACS_2_1_2001.exe. Before I run this setup program, I have set up JAVA_HOME environment variable to point to JRE_1.3.1 directory where I have put Java Runtime Enviroment and have PATH environment variable include JRE_1.3.1/bin.
However, when I try to intall the activ server, it keeps on popping up the error message dialog box with title saying "Java Runtime Enviroment Not Found". The detailed message is "To run Nokia Activ related components,Java Runtime Environment1.3 is required. You must intstall JRE1.3. After that you can proceed with installation. Click OK to cancel setup".

Did I miss any other variable in my environment or what? Did I miss any other steps before I install it? Any help is greately appreciated.


Steve Sui