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    ced.exe problems


    I'm a beginner and I'm trying to get networking working for epoc emulator. I've got sdk 2.1 for visual studio .net. I've edited ced.cfg file, but when I run ced.exe to make cdbv3.dat, nothing happens and ced.log shows following:

    CommDB Database Configuration Utility
    Version Zephyr
    Processing configuration from [c:\ced.xml]
    The old database will be replaced
    The config file is in XML format
    Creating data source
    ERR: Configuration file [c:\ced.xml] could not be opened

    It doesn't say anything about an xml file in the symbian sdk 2.1 help files. I can't find ced.xml anywhere. What's going on?

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    Re: ced.exe problems

    I actually think I found the problem myself. I copied another ced.exe from sdk 2.0 for Visual studio .net to sdk 2.1 and now cdbv3.dat is created... There's a wrong program in sdk 2.1... Good going... Testing is boring, I know, so I sort of understand the guys who made the sdk. But still... If they want to sell their product...

    The network still doesn't work though. The emulator says that there's no reply from gateway. First I tried with dhcp, then I tried a fixed ip... no success. Any tips?

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