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    Sockets in Nokia 3220


    Does the Nokia 3220 provide Sockets in its MIDP2.0 implementation?

    If not, what is a good alternative to sending commands and files over GPRS?

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    Re: Sockets in Nokia 3220

    Sockets, as far as I know, are not an optional part of MIDP 2.0 specification, so it should work normally. Server sockets may present a problem, because even if your phone opens a ServerSocket to accept connection, the client application wouldn't know the IP address of your server phone, because usually the IP addresses provided by carriers are internal (non-valid) and NAT is used to route packages back and forth.

    If, however, you are connecting to a back-end service, sockets should do just fine. You can also use HTTP connections, and encode the file using Base64 format.


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