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    Question nokia 6600 ftp support


    I want to develop a application to download files from a ftp server for nokia 6600 but i read in some posts that not all phones support ftp and only phones with FP1,FP2 and FP3 support ftp.

    Version of my phone is 3.42.1(nokia 6600) does it support ftp. Is there any document or link which gives information on which version of phones support what FPs.

    thanks in advance

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    Re: nokia 6600 ftp support

    If you need ftp client support across a wide range of earlier phones, that is before the Feature Pack was included, you would be better off writing your own client for Symbian using basic sockets functionality. That way you have full control over how it works and which phones it supports.

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    Re: nokia 6600 ftp support


    ftp protocol is quite complex... Handling all possibilites could take a long time, but if you don't develop some general solution, just proprietary inside your app I
    recommend you use sockets...


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