Hi all,

I have a bulk MMS interface in production. Here I'm expected to support special (national) characters, like ü, ö, ä and ß. After some research I've implemented UTF-8 encoding for text elements like this:

ContentPart cp = new ContentPart();
cp.setContent(msg.Texts[j], "text/plain");

Most of the time it's working well, BUT, sometimes I get garbage characters instead of national characters. I can't reproduce the problem (same message, from the same interface, via the same MMSC front end will sometimes look fine and sometimes it'll have encoding errors). The problem appears to kick in more often when I run many threads in parallel over a longer period of time, but I still can't predict when it'll happen, I can't reliably reproduce it. I wonder if it's MMSC, network or EAIF?!

If anyone has input on how to handle this please I'd really appreciate hearing about it.

Kindest regards,