TBuf<EMaxRecipientTextLength> msgRecipient(0);
TBuf<EMaxSubjectTextLength> msgSubject(0);
TBuf<EMaxMessageTextLength> msgMessage(0);
TFileName appFullPath(0);

I added a message dialog on the mmssend project from sdk 2nd fp3 and tried going about it. I get the following errors. they all refer to a single line. What should I do? please help..

error c2065: 'EMaxMessageTextLength': undeclared identifier
error c2955: 'TBuf': use of class template requires template argument list
error c2514: 'TBuf': class has no constructors
error c3861: 'msgMessage': cannot be destroyed
error c3861: 'msgMessage': identifier not found, even with argument-independent lookup