Hallo ,
i have got a problem with a MMS generated by this Smile File and the Nokia Devolopers Suit for MMS
To generate the MMS is no Problem.
But when i open this MMS with the Series 60 Content Authoring SDK v2.0 for Symbian OS Phone Simulator.

the conten of the MMS is not shown corectly.
The first <seq> in the smile document is not shown as a sequenz, you see the first picture and to see the secound
one you have to push a button of the phone simauator, thout a sequenz will start and end automatic.

The <par> ball2_animation.gif is played correctly but the animation is reapaeting until you push a button on the phone.
i want to show this animation onley one time and the frezze the last image of the animation.
If i just open the animation with any pictur software the animation is shown correctly and stops with the last image of the animation.
If i but this animation in an mms and then use the mobile phone emulator the animation is repaeting and repeating.
how do i get a normal animation and show it only one time.

<root-layout width="130" height="130"/>
<region id="Image" width="130" height="130" left="0" top="0"/>


<img src="ball1.gif" region="Image" dur="0.3s"/>
<img src="ball2.gif" region="Image" dur="0.3s"/>
<img src="ball3.gif" region="Image" dur="0.3s"/>
<img src="ball4.gif" region="Image" dur="0.3s"/>
<img src="ball5.gif" region="Image" dur="0.3s"/>
<img src="ball6.gif" region="Image" dur="0.3s"/>
<img src="ball7.gif" region="Image" dur="0.3s"/>

<img src="ball2_animation.gif" region="Image" fill="freeze"/>
<img src="ball3_animation.gif" region="Image" />


thanks a lot.
and have anice day.