There is a new web browser for HTML pages in the s60 3rd. Can I call this new web browser and display the URL i passed into it?

Using the old method:

const TInt KWmlBrowserUid = 0x10008D39;

void CSymbian8AppUi::OpenWEBBrowserL(const TDesC& aAddr)
TUid id( TUid::Uid( KWmlBrowserUid ) );

TApaTaskList taskList( CEikonEnv::Static()->WsSession() );
TApaTask task = taskList.FindApp( id );
if ( task.Exists() )

HBufC8* param8 = HBufC8::NewLC( aAddr.Length() );
param8->Des().Append( aAddr );
task.SendMessage( TUid::Uid( 0 ), *param8 ); // UID is not used
CleanupStack::PopAndDestroy( param8 );

RApaLsSession appArcSession;
User::LeaveIfError(appArcSession.Connect()); // connect to AppArc server
TThreadId id;
appArcSession.StartDocument(aAddr, TUid::Uid( KWmlBrowserUid ),id);

I can only use the old browser. How can I know the UID of this new web browser?