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    32Mb but only 100 texts?

    Does anyone know if Nokia do a mobile that uses it's main memory for storing text messages? (ie not the tiny little SIM card memory). My 6230 boasts a massive 32Mb of memory - except it still reports 'memory full' with no warning after about 100 texts - just like the prehistoric models. Any ideas folks?

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    Re: 32Mb but only 100 texts?

    All Series 60 (S60) phones, all Series 80 phones and the 7710. I.e., all based on the Symbian operating system.

    Most of them will also let you use a memory card (depending on the model and availability it can be up to 2GB).

    Also no fixed number limits of the number of messages on these devices.

    What all this means in practice is all the Nokia devices mentioned here: http://www.symbian.com/phones/index.html

    You can also find the devices here: http://forum.nokia.com/devices (just don't look at the Series 40 devices there).

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