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Thread: windows xp sp2

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    windows xp sp2

    I'm using windows xp sp2 but it seems not recognising my bluetooth dongle (which comes with Bluesoleil driver). There is no "bluetooth radio" in device manager. When I try to invoke bthprops.cpl, nothing happens! What could be wrong? Is it my dongle not compatible with SP2's supported drivers?

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    Re: windows xp sp2

    WinXP SP2 should be OK.

    You could try uninstalling the IVT BlueSoleil software and then see if Plug&Play (or "Add hardware" in ControlPanel) finds the hardware.

    You could also see if there are newer drivers for the dongle at the manufacturer's web site.

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    Re: windows xp sp2

    If nothing happens when you write the command "bthprops.cpl" the required software from the manufacturer is either not installed or you have some hardware problems with your dongle.

    What could be the cause otherwise is that Microsoft Bluetooth loads before your IVT Bluetooth drivers (since it´s signed and will always be preferred bluetooth stack.

    Try to follow this guide on Microsofts support page; http://support.microsoft.com/default...b;en-us;889814

    Who is the manufacturer of the dongle?

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