I'm using the Nokia Devloper Suite 3.0.1 to develop a Series 60 MIDP application. I have also installed the Nokia Connectivity Framework 1.2.

The application has a server counterpart which runs on a PC, to which the client connects using Bluetooth. Now, my question: is it possible to do this all on one PC with only one Bluetooth dongle? That is, run the MIDP application in an emulator and have it connect to a Bluetooth server running on the same machine?

What I'm able to do right now is to connect the emulated device to some other PC or phone, using the NCF BT USB driver. But as I have only this one PC here, and seeing that the NCF BT USB driver more or less disables the dongle for other uses, this is not what I want.

Is there some way to do this? Would a second dongle help? (I don't even know if Windows supports two dongles, Macs don't, afaik)

Thanks in advance!