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    Do we still have device specific APIs for MIDP2.0 phones?

    Hi everyone,

    When I was doing MIDP 1.0 coding, I know there is NokiaUI available to implement full screen canvas etc for Nokia phones

    It seems using MIDP 2.0, full screen canvas can be achieved by setFullScreenMode(true).

    My question is:

    On MIDP2.0 phones, what profile level device specific APIs are available for Nokia or any other phone manufacturers?

    Could an API guru out there shed some lights here?

    Many thanks in advance,

    QM from London

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    Re: Do we still have device specific APIs for MIDP2.0 phones?

    There are still device-specific differences (and lots of additional/optional JSRs besides MIDP 2.0 that a device manufacturer can implement/support, or not).

    And many of the JSRs have optional parts that may or may not be implemented.

    And I suppose there are also still various ways one can interpret the specs and end up with different/incompatible implementations.

    Nokia is fairly consistent across devices based on a specific generation of phone development platforms. I.e., the "S40 2nd Edition" devices should share most of the features, as would "S40 3rd Edition" devices, or "S60 3rd Edition", etc.

    You can see the various JSRs supported by different Nokia devices by viewing the device specs on http://forum.nokia.com/devices

    Through the device pages you will also see the various developer platform "editions" supported by each model (and also links to the appropriate SDKs for those).

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