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    J2ME SecureConnection: SSL problems


    I am developing a J2ME application with Eclipse, Sun Wireless
    Toolkit 2.3, and the Eclipse ME plugin. I have placed all network
    code in its own thread separate from the GUI thread as the emulator
    suggested. I want to establish an SSL connection to a server without
    using HTTPS. So I write

    SecureConnection sc = Connector.open("ssl: ...

    The connection is open, and from the Ethereal packet sniffer
    application I can see the first three phases of the handshake.
    After sending data to the server, receiving a certificate, and
    sending 14 bytes back the connection is closed, so that it
    never gets to the reading data part of the application. This
    happens both on Sun's emulator as well as on various
    Nokia emulators.

    The only emulator where I was able to get past this point
    is the blackberry, where i can receive 2000 bytes or so,
    but after that InputStream instance is method is.available()
    returns zero, no more bytes are read from the network,
    and alas, is.read() returns junk data and I don't know
    what to do about it.

    So, is there a way to get things to work on the
    Nokias at least? For instance, under Sun Java
    WIreless Toolkit 2.3 Beta -> Utilities I can see
    a Manage Certificates button with the Security
    options. Do I need to do something here to
    allow the application to proceed past the
    send/receive/send sequence i described
    earlier? What exactly should I do here,
    if this is what's causing the problem?

    Any feedback or experiences with this SSL
    on J2ME would be really appreciated, as I
    am really eager to get this working on at
    least one emulator and/or hardware device,
    don't care which, but would really like to
    see SSL working properly on at least
    one mobile Java application.

    I will be eternally grateful to whever can
    provide me with some feedback on this.

    Thanks a lot!

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    Re: J2ME SecureConnection: SSL problems

    Hi ,
    I am facing similar problems with WTK 2.2 kit and Nokia 6630 phone. And it seems there is no way to solve this problem.
    But good that you pointed out that it works on BlackBerry partially, so i will try on that as well.
    Will also donwload WTK 2.3 and see if i can get my app working with it.

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    Re: J2ME SecureConnection: SSL problems

    Nzanella, can you post the code please?


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