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    When support for visual2005?

    Hello all.
    When will be support in sdk for visual2005? many people use this IDE and we are waiting for it :)

    Thanks ans Respect ;)

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    Re: When support for visual2005?

    Hello, I've answered this somewhere else as well, but here is a repeat.

    First of all, starting with S60 2ndFP3, Nokia is only producing one SDK type, that is the WINSCW SDK, so there will not be any VS2005 SDKs.

    If VS2005 support would be offered, that would be via a version of Carbide.vs that would enable the use of the WINSCW SDKs from 2005. That however will not happen at least during the first half of this year.

    The main issues with 2005 are that there is a new debug format that is not compatible with any of the current SDKs.

    Even if Nokia did support 2005, the main tools environment will be the Carbide.c++ environment that is based on Eclipse. So for maximum productivity when developing for Symbian OS, you should be checking out the Carbide.c++ products as they become available later this year.

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    Re: When support for visual2005?


    I have asked from Nokia's tool development boss that will Nokia continue supporting the S 60 application's development with VS 2005

    The reply from Nokia's boss was that, future of VS 2005 is not only Nokia specific thing. Future tools for VS 2005 depends also from the Microsoft too !

    For me it seems, that Nokia will not support future s60 tools for VS 2005. So, the answer for new app development tools are : Carbide.c++.

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