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    resize a CfbsBitmap problem


    I tryed to resize a CfbsBitmap, and I used the Resize() method, but it did'nt work correctly, because if I wanted to resize the bitmap to 200*100, the method cuts the left (200*100) corner of the bitmap, instead of resize it.

    the short code:

    void CCameraCaptureEngine::ImageReady(CFbsBitmap* aBitmap,HBufC8* /*aData*/,TInt aError)

    Please help, if You have any idea!

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    Re: resize a CfbsBitmap problem

    the resize function does excatly that, it resizes the image, but it is not doing any modifications to the data. For scaling images, have a look into the SDK documentations of CMdaBitmapScaler.


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    Re: resize a CfbsBitmap problem

    I have different problem
    when i call to CFbsBitmap::Resize function it does not return.
    The whole application just stuck.
    im using S60_3rd_MR sdk for code warior.
    anyone knows what is the problem?

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