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    Bluetooth on a Nokia 6630

    I have developed a Bluetooth Application that works fine on the emulator, but when I deploy it to a real device it does not work.

    I have established that the device discovery is working and the devices can be successfully discovered. the Problem seems to be that I can write out data e.g. dataOut.writeInt(x);

    but the receiving device just sits their waiting and never goes further than the first read statement dataIn.readInt(x1);

    Has anybody had this problem before?

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    The threading model is different in a real device. Make sure to use threads for everything. In my Nokia 6680 every Bluetooth event runs within the main event dispatcher thread. You must not block that thread, otherwise all other system events (Bluetooth, user interface, etc.) are queued. Perhaps, raising an excpetion in such an event, is no good idea either; not sure about this one. Nokia forgot to create a new thread and still calls the event: A developer can block the main event dispatcher thread. In Nokia Series 40 everything is fine.

    Did this help?
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