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    Busy, dropped call GSM network error detection

    Hi there,

    I am using :

    - Nokia S60 SDK 2.0
    - Nokia 6600

    I would like to capture different events/errors during outgoing call. For example if the phone I am calling is busy, or during call it gets dropped or blocked etc.

    I saw that there are some GSM error codes defined in Etel.h :


    What might be interesting in these kind of cases would probably be these errors to capture for blocked call, dropped call, busy call etc:


    KErrGsmMMNoSuitableCellsInArea -4143
    KErrGsmMMNetworkFailure -4145
    KErrGsmMMMacFailure -4148
    KErrGsmMMSynchFailure -4149
    KErrGsmMMCongestion -4150

    KErrGsmMMUnspecifiedProtocolError -4239
    KErrGsmCCNoRouteToTransitNetwork -4258
    KErrGsmCCNoRouteToDestination -4259

    KErrGsmCCNoChannelAvailable -4290
    KErrGsmCCNetworkOutOfOrder -4294
    KErrGsmCCTemporaryFailure -4297
    KErrGsmCCSwitchingEquipmentCongestion -4298

    But when I use following classes (from Etel.h):

    class RTelServer;
    class RPhone;
    class RLine;
    class RCall

    And capture the outgoing call events in my RunL() with activating the observation with following type of functions:

    iLine.NotifyCallAdded(iStatus, iName);
    iLine.NotifyCallAdded(iStatus, iName);
    iCall.NotifyStatusChange(iStatus, iCallStatus);

    Those only Events that I get back in my RunL() are below enumerations defined in ETEL:


    My guess is that S60 is doing some mapping of GSM errors to these events. So I need probably to go directly via ETEL server to be able to capture GSM errors I want.

    So my question:

    a. Anybody knows how to connect to ETEL server (using public SDK and available ETEL.h in phone (or if special Etel.h is needed ? ).

    b. After connecting to ETEL server which function do I need to call and put myself as observer too ?

    c. Can I be sure that S60 has implemented those GSM errors mentioned above or it's not sure ?

    d. Once I am active as observer do I get these errors in my iStatus in RunL() when the event (busy , blocked etc) happens or do I need to call another Etel API to get access to the error case (enumeration) which one ?

    e. If you have a working example code, that you can post here or via email, I would appreciate it.

    Best Regards,
    Symbian Programmer

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    Re: Busy, dropped call GSM network error detection

    Hi all, any one able to find out the solutions for this. If then please do post it here...
    Any help regarding this will be hearthly appreciated.

    With regards,

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