hi, all
the 1st question :
I got a problem when I wish to use the softkey of the phone.
I use GameCanvas, and use setFullScreen(true),
then all the command lable was hide in a menu ,but not response directly by the soft key pressed,
all I wanna do is ,
how can I get the response directly without a select menu when I press the left and right soft key?
if used GameCanvas , and setFullScreen(true)

the 2nd question :
the same code and same jar , I run it through 3220 and 7610 and 6600,
it was correct in the 3220 and other moto's phones and SE's phones, but it will jump out to desktop in Nokia's S60 phones, and without any informations, have any body had the same problems ever before? I 've try to catch the Exceptions , but none. I output the System.gc() on the screen , and there is 1.5k memory at least when the app was running , was it not enough memory caught the problem ?

Thanx alot !!