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    Localization Lao language for Nokia phones

    Dear All,

    I am carrying out a research on how to localize mobile phones or creating user interface to the Lao Lanuage. From what I understand Lao is not currently supported by Nokia phones; however, it is supported under UNICODE.

    please someone be kind enough to guide me on

    Who to contact

    What has to be done (font and other language related details),

    The minimum commitment of phones to be made in order to make development worthwhile

    what are tools to be used,
    Any other technological requirement(s) to be met
    iin-order to get Localization for Lao on Nokia phone. I am more interested in both high and low-end mobile phones, and developing localization support for such phones.
    Please help me out...
    my email: anousak@gmail.com

    Thank You


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    Re: Localization Lao language for Nokia phones

    Hi. Did you find solution to translate phone user interface into lao language.
    I also want User interface into my language (uzbek) nobady can help me.

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