I'm currently trying to write an IM application that uses SIP. So far, I'm able to register to a SIP server (I'm using the public iptel.org server for that), and to send invites with a SDP description.

When using two emulators with two different SIP addresses, everything goes OK (that is, I'm able to register and to INVITE the other client using the ECOM plugin). But when I use only one emulator and my Nokia 6600, I get an unsupported media type (415) FROM the 6600 as a response to my INVITE, so I guess the ECOM plugin is not correctly registered on the 6600 (weird, since it works correct on the emulator). Same story for the ChipFlip example app with the ChipFlip plugin installed...

On the Nokia 6600 I have installed the SIP_3.29-S60-2.0b sip stack, and I'm using the "S60 2nd FP 2 for .NET" SDK, since I can't find the SIP plugin version 1.0 anywhere (if anybody has this version, or knows where to download it, please let me know!).

My questions:

- Has anybody been able to use the SIP stack on the 6600 with ALLOW_STARTING="yes" in the ECOM plugin, so that your application starts automatically (with the "sharing request" dialog) when an INVITE is received?
- Does anubody know where I can find version 1.0 of the SIP plugin (with sipclientinstaller etc.)?

Thanks in advance!