Even after several days we do not succeed in getting even the
simplest J2ME application exchange IP-based data with the outer
world when run on our S60 3rd edition prototype. The minimalistic
approach was to develop a HTTP test tool - doesn't work, too.
Not to tell about JSR 180 interfaces.

The application works perfectly when running on the emulator.
The mobile phone access is configured correctly, the built-in
applications (e.g Browser) on the phone prototype connect via
HTTP (so the APN is configured correctly), everything works as
expected. Even more interesting, the same piece of J2ME
software works flawless when run on a 6680.

I seriously suspect the new S60 3rd ed. security settings to
be the reason for our problems. It seems to me that the J2ME
sandbox is closed and must be opened by some security
settings, but I do not find any details on this.
Can someone maybe detail on possible reasons for the failed
J2ME IP connectivity and the procedures required to overcome
our problem? I simply can't believe that basic security (self-
signed) is not sufficient for IP access...

Thanks in advance for any hint,
best regards