Just to share my frustration of Nokia behaviour with announces of new handsets.

Several months ago Nokia announced new devices like N91, N90 and other 2nd FP3 and 3rd Edition. Specification pages for all devices has been fulfilled with information relating Flash Lite Player embedded and support of Scalabe 2D Vecotr Graphics API.

Since N91 released i've been unable to find Flash Player on it, and at Macromedia Flash Lite page i found that all new Nokia handset do not have Flash Player pre-installed. But Nokia still kept information that handsets have Flash Player.

And amazing thing.. today i found all mentioning about Flash Lite and Scalabe 2D Vector Graphics API has been removed from device's specification pages.

Very nice behavior of Nokia.. and seems like SonyEricsson W810i will be first non-japan market handset with pre-installed Flash Lite.