Hi there,

we were building 4 libraries (TARGETTYPE LIB) to eventually integrate them in our main project file by using a couple
of "STATICLIBRARY" lines in the mmp. Problem was, that the
4 .lib files were partly dependent on their sibblings. So we got a number of "undefined reference"-errors on linking the main project.

The GGCE target for the 3rd edition SDK does not handle this and cannot resolve these dependencies because makmake.pl and cl_bpapi.pm do not put them in a resolve-group, although the CSL gcce compiler supports this.

So I propose the following patch to \Epoc32\tools\cl_bpabi.pm (against 3rd edition SDK final version from forum nokia) in order to resolve this issue. It's not really optimal, but it works for us here.

I'd be happy to receive your feedback on this,



--- C:\Dev\sdkpatches\final\cl_bpabi_orig.pm	Thu Jan 26 16:51:08 2006
+++ C:\Dev\sdkpatches\final\cl_bpabi.pm	Thu Jan 26 16:46:09 2006
@@ -879,11 +879,12 @@
 				&main::Output( "\t\t\$(EPOCBLD$Bld)\\$ExportLibrary.exp \\\n" );
-		        "\t\t\$(LIBS$Bld) \\\n",
+#		        "\t\t\$(LIBS$Bld) \\\n",
+		        "\t\t\-(  $(LIBS$Bld) -)\\\n",
 				"\t\t\$(VTBLEXPORTS$Bld) \$(USERLDFLAGS) \n"
 	        if ($Bld=~/^U?DEB$/o) {