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    Question Retrieving MMS to PC (and connectivity)


    I am developing an application is VS2005 using the Nokia Connectivity SDK v3.0 to receive SMS messages. The hardware consists on a standard Nokia cellphone with IR connection to the PC. Besides SMS, I would also, like to be able to automatically retrieve any MMS messages that are sent to the phone and store them on the PC, then I would like to extract the images, video, etc from the messages.

    I have been searching and searching but have found nothing that can provide what I need. Not even sure if the Connectivity SDK can receive MMS messages.

    Also, are there any other C# components to establish a connection from PC to Phone either via IR or bluethooth. At the moment the PC Suite is handling the connection for me, which isn't ideal.



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    Re: Retrieving MMS to PC (and connectivity)

    hi simon

    i was also tried for this kind of application but didn't get much resource .

    I found connectivity and require other configuratons that are needed for this.

    Mateen Maldar

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