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    SMS Delivery reports on PC Suite & 6210

    Hi all, hope someone can help with this;
    I've got a 6210 and run PC Suite with Phone Editor 4.06.003.
    Sending/receiving SMS from my PC works great - but I'd like to get the same delivery reports on texts written on my PC that I do on those written directly on the 6210.
    According to the PC Suite help menu, I'm supposed to have four tick box options on the messages settings page - one of which should be 'STATUS REPORTS'. This would do the job - the problem is I don't have such a check box.
    I only have two of the supposid four options. (I have 'save copy' & 'send long messages', but not 'status reports' & 'reply path')
    Anyone got any idea why - and how I can solve this?

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    RE: SMS Delivery reports on PC Suite & 6210

    Please go to Club Nokia and present this question there:
    Club Nokia pages are meant for end users and Forum Nokia is
    meant for application developers. There are people who can better
    help you in this matter.
    M, Forum Nokia

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