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    sending web bookmark via bluetooth


    Iam trying to do a MIDLET to send a bookmark from one phone to the other vıa bluetooth. (It is impossible to do it, for example with my 6600)
    My midlet will work on only my phone and client phone will use its default bluetooth protocols(services)

    Up to today I am able to do

    1-device discovery
    2-get url for service records on the mobile phone.
    3-Create a simple string and convert it to byte array
    4-create a connection and send it through all the services possible.

    But remote phone is unable to get my message. It only says "k6600" is trying to connect your phone do you accept? And when I say "yes" it says connection closed to k6600(bt friendly name of my phone)

    Now comes my questions.
    1-Which protocol should I decide? I think object push is the most suitable one but it is not avaible on 6600.
    2-is it possible to do it via RFCOMM?
    3-How can I send a text file or bookmark via obex or Rfcomm(I prefer Rfcomm but an obex example should be as good as rfcomm also)
    4-Can anyone direct me to the related documents ? (PDF or etc) Or give a small piece of sample code ?

    Thanks for your time and reading...

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    Re: sending web bookmark via bluetooth


    1) You're right, OBEX is not available on 6600.
    2) Yes it is, using "btspp://"-like URLs.
    3) Just send a String with the URL, and on the other phone your midlet can open the browser using MIDlet.platformRequest("url");
    4) Please check Introduction to developing networked MIDlets using Bluetooth document, and also the Known Issues document, which contains some bugs related to the Bluetooth implementation on 6600.

    Good luck


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    Re: sending web bookmark via bluetooth

    1-I also have another phone 3230. Do you have any idea if it has obex?
    2-how will I send a file using rfcomm? Is there any examples?
    3-Only my phone will run the midlet. Other clients will receive text file or url in fact with their native bt.(I dont know if this is the right expression but there will not be a midlet running on the client phone.Only a phone with bt on)
    4-I read both documents at least 10 times each. But all the samples I could -find shows only client-server models. Both mobile devices running midlets. What I am trying to do is send a url using a midlet on my phone to another phone only with native bt via obex or rfcomm

    Thanks for your time,and good wishes
    But I am working on this nearly a week time and starting to loose hope of success..

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    OBEX is based on SPP, so it fairly easy to create your own OBEX client on top of a RFCOMM channel. There are Java libraries for OBEX clients out there but for you it is just Connect, Put, Abort and Disconnect – so you should do it yourself. This is why there was no included OBEX for so long.

    Benhui OBEX Client example
    The latter is GPL, so you can reuse it if you go for GPL, too. Probably there are more packages…but you should do it yourself.
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