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    MMS to Motorola v3 RAZR

    I'm probably grasping at straws here...

    I've been using the Nokia libraries to create a binary MMS that is forwarded to an MMSC gateway. I've had a lot of success EXCEPT when the destination is a Motorola v3 RAZR. All other Motorolas seem to work. The problem is that the RAZR gets the message, but seems to see my image and text attachments as unknown.gif and unknown.txt rather than the correct name. They can be played individually but the presentation fails.

    This is almost certainly more related to the phone than the libraries, but just in case anyone else has run across the problem....

    Thanks in advance for any help


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    Re: MMS to Motorola v3 RAZR

    FWIW I thought I'd post a solution in case anyone else runs across this problem:

    contentParts = toBeSentMsg.getMultipart();

    ContentPart cp = (ContentPart) contentParts.getBodyPart(0);
    cp.setContentID("<" + tempText.getName() + ">"); // <-- THIS IS THE FIX

    I can't imagine why I would have to do this, but apparently the RAZR was only able to derive the asset from the ID rather than the location. Go figure.

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