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    Sending file to PC?

    Hi, after searching this forum as well as google I am still a bit lost. I have a J2Me application which acquires some data (user input) over time. I'ld like to enable it to send this data to a PC as a plain text file (csv). Of course there's always the possibility of sending it via the network using http or even smtp (sending the user the file as an email).
    However, I'ld like to offer a free-of-charge solution.
    My questions:
    * Is there any sample code for sending a text file from the phone to the PC via BlueTooth? I can create a handwritten solution using a serial BT communication and a dedicated PC software. However, I would prefer to use the standard PC capabilities for receiving BT data if that is possible.
    * Is there any way to create a file from the J2Me application in the phone's memory which can be browsed and transferred over the PC suite? In other words, which location would the file need to be at and is the Midlet authorized to put it there?
    * Are there any easyer ways to accomplish the same thing? I could imagine that I am not the only one wanting to store application data on a PC.

    Thanks and regards

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    Re: Sending file to PC?

    standard communication is usually about obex and i'm afraid obex is not present on most of the implementations of jsr 82, so you'll probbly have to do it yourself in spp

    to read files in the phone, you need jsr75-FILE, so make sure your phone has this capability.

    however, if you aquire data from the user input in the midlet, you don't need files. you can store data in the RMS if you need persistent storage.

    here : http://fivedots.coe.psu.ac.th/~ad/jg/
    you can find an exemple of a simple client/server app in bt.
    you can modify it to store the data you receive on the server on the harddrive

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