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    Trouble using nokia 6680 as USB modem

    Hi everybody,
    I've got trouble with my nokia 6680. I tried to call a remote computer using PCAnywhere, with the phone as modem connected by USB cable. The phone shows "Connection failure". But when I try to call the remote computer only with the phone disconnected from my computer, I can hear the tune before the remote computer answers.
    The modem seems to be well recognized by windows XP, I used PC nokia suite to configure it.
    Is there anything to be done on the phone or windows XP to make it work ?
    Thanks for your help


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    Re: Trouble using nokia 6680 as USB modem

    Can you go to Control Panel -> Phone and Modems -> Click on modem in the toolbar -> Then mark 6680 USB modem -> Click at properties -> Select Diagnostics -> Select "ask modem".

    If you dont get some error message saying "the phone did not respond" there is nothing wrong with the phone but with the setup in the computer or with your subscription to the SIM-card.

    Does your subscription allow you to access GPRS Internet and not only GPRS WAP? Please ensure that it does, otherwise your subscription will not allow you to connect to the remote computer using only wap access.

    Is your phones modem attached to the correct COM-port? If you are using Nokia PC Suite to setup the connection which version of Pc Suite do you use?

    In older versions you needed to open "Connection manager" and make sure that USB was not selected when you want to use the phone as a modem. Otherwise Nokia PC Suite will reserv that port on the computer to have the connection between PC Suite and your phone.

    In later versions of Nokia PC Suite the program by itself disconnects in Connection Manager when you are using "One Touch Access". Also make sure that correct operator is selected under the settings in One Touch Access.

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