Hi guys,

Firstly, in reference to the camera cover at the back which is suppose to start the camera program when itz pulled down. Well it used to do its job alrite it still does but i guess the cover has become loose and so at times it shuts off when i take pics. Guess this is just a wear and tear problem coz if i hold the cover tite it works perfect any suggestion on how to get around this problem!!??

Secondly, my media key does not function when i press it! it does not even give me the tone sound which ur suppose to get when u press any button on the key pad! itz not tht the button is not workin coz i had the problem b4 and after formatin ma fone it worked but then over time again it has gone bad!! in options i changed the setting so it has to open visual radio i thought maybe tht will be the problem but when i try setting it back to default setting it still doesnt work!! Wot should i do!!!??

Thanks Alot