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    toolkit3.1 connection nightmare

    hi all,

    i got the toolkit3.1 and having troubles connecting by HTTP Direct to *any* external wap sites. I am recieving a 'Gateway recieved an invalid response from the upstream gateway' with a HTTP 502 Error on the simulator.

    I have followed the directions in ToolKitUSer Guide.
    -Device Settings are default
    -Toolkit preferences are http proxy not selected (as there is no proxy ).

    From searching this forum i can't find a solution except for 'check your proxy settings' which is not enabled.

    I am more than puzzled as i can access Http servers on both my local IP.

    any help appreciated


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    RE: toolkit3.1 connection nightmare

    There is no Direct HTTP Connection type in Toolkit 3.1. Each device has its own connection settings, and you can choose either the Default (which uses the WAP GW Simulator that comes with the Toolkit) or put in the IP and port of a specific WAP GW.

    - Matt
    Toolkit Team

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