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    Smile SIP Sever...

    Hi all,
    i would be extremely greatfull if any of you guide me to register in a SIP server.I also find a Nokia tool which comes along with the 3rd edition sdk (SIP SERVER).It would be nice if any of you guide me in working on it.
    Any help would be highly appreciated.
    thanks a lot

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    Re: SIP Sever...

    The suggested scenario is when SIP Server Emulator is installed at the same machine where one of the clients (hence, emulator) is running. After that, you need to configure SIP connection setting in S60 emulator, the same way as it would be in phone. Settings->Connection->SIP Settings.

    There is important notice that you have to configure *both* SIP Registrar and SIP Proxy server setting to point to the IP and port of the PC where both emulator and SIP Servers are located. SIP domain and user names are up to your choice. Second and other SIP clients may be on other PCs than the one with SIP Server Emulator.

    Once clients and SIP server are configured, SIP sessions can be established. "Invite" messages will work only from the outer clients to the client which shares PC with SIP server. These are limitations due to which SIP Server is really "SIP Server Emulator" at this stage. It fully supports "Register" part of SIP signalling but has this important constraint on passing real "switchboard mode" traffic. There will be 3rd Edition Java/MIDP SDK which may include a better implementation of SIP Server bundled with it.

    Please refer to SDK Release Notes for exact clarification on what I have just tried to explain.

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