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    Question IrCOMM connection delay

    Has anyone experienced any problems with the performance of the Connector.open method when used to open an IrCOMM comm port (eg. comm:ir0)?

    We are currently porting an application that uses IrCOMM to communicate with an Infrared credit card reader to perform mobile transaction processing. The existing versions of the app run on various Symbian OS versions as well as MS SmartPhone / PocketPC Phones without any problem. With J2ME however (on supported MIDP2 phones), we are using the standard GCF Connector.open functionaily (as shown in the sample below) to obtain a CommConnection class object for the IR0 port.

    CommConnection oConn = null;
    try {
    oConn = (CommConnection) Connector.open("comm:ir0", Connector.READ_WRITE, false);
    } catch (Exception ex1) {

    The open function shown above works as expected, however it takes approximately 20 seconds for it to return (ie. before we can request the I/O streams to communicate with the card reader). On all the other platforms we have ported this app, the opening of the IR port completes very quickly. In this Java version, once the open method completes, however, the transfer of the card details is completing at normal speed (ie. it's all done within 1 second as per the other platform versions of the app).

    It makes no difference whether the card reader is in range and pointing at the IR port before, during or after the call to the open method either - it always seems to take 20 seconds to open the port and then everything runs fine. Our testing to date has been on a 5140i, but I would assume this problem occurs on other Nokia MIDP2 phones...

    Thanks for any assistance or suggestions you can offer!!
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    Re: IrCOMM connection delay


    If you are using 5140 device, is useful to read this technical note:

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