We will shortly put out an update for Carbide.vs 2.0 that will support the S60 3.0 Final SDK. We are looking for a few beta testers to test the next release in a real-world situation before launch.

The Beta tester we are looking for is:
- in the final stages of development of a S60 3.0-based application
- currently using Carbide.vs 2.0/Visual Studio 2003
- preferably has access to 3.0 test hardware
- can turn around a full build of their application, possibly a few times, in 1-2 days during the next 2-3 weeks

If you are interested, pls send me email via my profile on the discussion board. As we only can handle a few beta testers, we might need to make a selection. To qualify, pls include a short description of what S60 3.0 features you are using in your application, the basic structure of your application (exe, client/server, dll, etc), what Capabilities your application needs and whether or not you have access to test hardware.

Looking forward to possible co-operation.