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    Thoughts about Nokia s40

    I have a list of comments here, haven't checked all for answeres on the forum but I hope I can get some answers and maybe some thoughts to the developers.

    Phone: Nokia 6280
    System: Nokia S40
    Calendar: not able to change type (ex. from Reminder=>Memo)
    Calendar: alarm set as default, why?
    Calendar: hard to view some of the "noted" dates, option to change how this is vieweble

    Camera: fotos goes in Gallery=>VOLUMELABEL=>Fotos, why not in

    - that means why is the memorycard folders in a sub-category and the "passive" folders like backgroudn and sim-card folders in front?

    Contacts: If the contact is a e-mail contact, then it's only blank, why not have icons and show e-mail instead of phonenumber?
    Contacts: If a contact has one, home, country and cellphone

    Language, if you switch language to english (like I did to see the english menues) and take a photo, the phone creates a new folder in english.
    - then I get multiple folders depending on language.

    Radio: the "joystick" in the middle is enough, why have four different arrows in the program?

    Viewing of images: if you just took a picture and view it in fullscreen the phone gives you the option "options" where you can zoom the picture and other options.
    - if you view the gallery these options are not availible in "fullscreen" mode.

    Voicecall, I know you can call someone or open apps through voicecommands but it seams very hard to find. Apps is no problem but there I can't use my own voice, should be an option to choose if the phone doesn't register the speech?
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