hi guys,

i'm new here.

anyway, here's the prob. i'm working on true tone content (mp3 & awb), and i've come acroos something strange (at least for me).

case in point: i transferred an mp3 truetone (152kb) to the N70 via bluetooth and it played fine. i then had the same mp3 truetone sent to me via mms. when it arrived the mms only had an attachment called "att1" (still 152kb) and the phone wouldn't play it. "File format not supported."

now from the N70, i transferred the "att1" file to a 6230i via bluetooth. upon receipt, i checked the file on the 6230i and i saw the file name: "att1.EXT". the file played fine on the 6230i despite the strange filename and extension.

now i'm wondering if this is a series 60 glitch. what do you guys think?

any help would be appreciated.. thanks!