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    Unhappy Sending SMS from a Nokia 6100 (S40 Series)

    Is there any way to send SMS from a MIDlet in Nokia 6100 ?

    Although S40 series generaly supports WMA (Wireless Message API), I found out the 6100 does not (see S40_API_over.pdf section 3.6, and Series_40_Developer_Platform_1_0_Optimization_Guide_v1_0_en.pdf section 3).

    Is there any other way to do it , for example:
    - Another API
    - Implementing it with lower level APIs


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    theme editor for s40

    i want to develop themes for nokia s40
    i download the theme editor but it is only for 14 days
    any one help me to down load this
    and the method to develop the them
    thanks for help

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