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    s60 3rd - Default document handler always passes default file

    My embeddable app launched from file manager when opening certain files is using the CEik OpenFileL.
    Thus I've not implemented any S60 document handler, and the default one is called. In latest S60 3rd ed emulator this default document handler class always passes the default file (r_default_document_name) in the OpenFileL method to my app.
    This is not the behaviour of any previous S60 emulator or phone including the s60 3.0 beta one.

    Anyone stumbled over the same problem?


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    Re: s60 3rd - Default document handler always passes default file

    I'm experiencing the same problem with my application. The problem only occurs if I start my application by selecting an associated file using the built in file manager. If I use, for example, SysExplorer to select a file, I don't get the default document file name and everything works great.

    Has anyone solved this?

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    Re: s60 3rd - Default document handler always passes default file

    You can check if the document name is correct in the ProcessCommandParametersL method. Actually I have read the reason of the replacement somewhere in this forum, but I doubt if I could find it now.

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