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Thread: SIP Register

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    SIP Register


    I'm trying to register an application using the setCredentials method. I'm able to send the first register and receive the 401 Unauthorized, but the application doesn't send the second register to the network.
    I'm using the jsr180 sip API example as base to implement this. I tried to set the credentials before sending the first register and after receiving the 401, but in both cases the result was the same, it just halts.

    Has anybody had this problem before?



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    Re: SIP Register

    Yes, I have the same problem, but without any solution. Do you, or somebody else, solve this?

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    Re: SIP Register

    Hi Sergio,
    In ur code to send the register request r u creating SipConnectionNotifier object?. if so while sending register for second time, ur code tries to bind new sipConnectionNotifier which results in the following exception

    SCN Exception is:java.io.IOException: Could not bind new SipConnectionNotifier with no application identifier. Use 'type' to specify application identifier.

    To send any request for any no of times make sure that u create SipConnectionNotifier only once. Then it works.

    I can aid u better, if u send me ur code.


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