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    mobile browser info

    I am looking for ways to gather information on the wireless devices visiting my website. The site is written in .wml (and php)

    About these visiting wireless devices i have the following questions:
    -How do i gather mobile browser info?
    -How do i detect its screen width and height?
    -How do i detect its available memory?

    And now that i have you on the phone:
    -Is .wml sufficient to service all visting wireless devices or do i need to make the site available in alternative ways like html or whatever

    Any useful links welcome.
    Ta, P!

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    Re: mobile browser info

    How do i gather mobile browser info?
    With PHP, you can read the $_SERVER['HTTP_ACCEPT'] or get_browser
    How do i detect its screen width and height?
    With Javascript if enabled, see above, or you can browser specs with WURFL (google it)...
    How do i detect its available memory?
    Sorry, don't know that one...

    Re your last point, I am not sure what the support for WML is like compared to XHTML MP. I believe support for the later is not universal, and I think most handsets would support wml...


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    Re: mobile browser info

    And there's also HTTP_USER_AGENT. And with that data you could also take a look at http://nds.nokia.com/uaprof/uaprof_list.txt and, e.g., http://nds.nokia.com/uaprof/N6630r100.xml for details of the Nokia 6630, etc.

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