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    SMS Mobile-Server Interaction Simulation.

    Hello. I have been asked to research on the posible solutions on the implementation on a SMS sistem. Basically, we need to develop an application where our field personnel would send a SMS to an *XXXX number to start a transaction, then, the SMS server would respond, asking for the username, the field guy would respond, the SMS server would again respond asking for the password, the guy would respond, and then the SMS server would ask the product code, the guy would respond, and the SMS sever would respond with the current price. In brief, being G the "field guy" with the mobile phone, and S, the SMS server:

    G -> S: *XXXX hello
    S -> G: enter userid
    G -> S: user1
    S -> G: enter password
    G -> S: xxxxx
    (after checking the user/pass is ok)
    S -> G: enter product code
    G -> S: 00032
    (after checking the code 00032 price)
    S -> G: $50

    this is basically the idea. So de questions are:

    1) how can i simulate this between a PC and a mobile phone in the easiest and fastest way, so i can show a proof of concept.

    2) how would i really need to know/do to implement this type of system?


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    Re: SMS Mobile-Server Interaction Simulation.

    no one? i want to get started.

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    Re: SMS Mobile-Server Interaction Simulation.

    ok... i think i can help you...
    lets get it simple...
    the ilustration may be like this..
    "customers need an aplication like "CRM (cust. relationship managmt)" via sms to help them find out one product price by entering the product code and send it using sms and after that they will receive a reply containing the product's cost"

    of course you can develop it!
    first you need a product database (including product code, price etc)
    then connect your application to the DB
    after that you can read received sms and match the product code with product price in DB and send it back

    you need to know AT-Command and how to implement it
    you need to know database operation
    and of course you need to know programming

    but I think you can use pc connectivity sdk from nokia first before you get in to the real project. because this kind of project must be supported by a reliable gsm modem and using a celphone wont be reliable at all.

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    Re: SMS Mobile-Server Interaction Simulation.

    yes.... it is simple. for this reason you can use a sms sever(sms gateway). The sms gateway provids an API. Most of them will be able to connect through allmost all new technology such as .NET, PHP, Java etc.
    The main thing a gateway does is collect the sms and saves it intothe database with the relevant sender's mobile number and more details about sms.
    when it come to the database it is more simple to use from any programmin languages. and we can responds to the sms as easy.

    for reference visit this website. theu are a sms gateway provider themseleves.

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    Re: SMS Mobile-Server Interaction Simulation.

    You can either setup your own SMS Gateway using a GSM modem connected to a PC, or you can connect to an SMS Gateway provider like http://www.clickatell.com through the Internet, or you can use a combination of both. There are open source gateways like http://www.kannel.org and also commercial gateways like http://www.visualtron.com.

    SMS Server@Expert

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