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    Exclamation WML vs web server

    hi, i'm developing Mobile learning content for college project...i was convinced to use wml as its simple to develop...but its been trouble for me to get these questions answered..can n e one help me put...m running out of time actually

    1. do i need to use php or asp to run my wml?(my college server runs on sql)
    2. i tried to upload the files into geocities webhositng and i cant, hw come?

    Kindly assist, friends...

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    Re: WML vs web server

    1. No, you do not need to, because you send the WML to the phone and it processes the WML (how you generate the WML is up to you; you can use PHP, ASP or just edit text files with your favourite text editor and save them on your server.

    2. geocities' web servers are probably not configured to send the correct MIME types for WAP files.

    Whether you should use WML or not is not a question of how simple or difficult it is, but what kind of uses or devices you're going to satisfy.

    WML is for phones with WAP version 1 browsers using WAP to access the site.

    If you want to target WAP version 2 devices, then you should use XHTML.

    If you want to target phones with HTML servers, you should use HTML.

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    Re: WML vs web server

    thanks a lot or ur help petrib. really appreciate it...and i need to run the learning content in pda.getting the image is another headche la, wmbp dun support colour rite and its hard for me to get the wbmp converter as well.

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