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    Question Nokia 6260 internal memory problem

    hello there everyone... I'm a newbie and an end-user-only person here and i need help from experts like you guys.

    my problem is...

    i have Nokia 6260 which i bought recently. the thing is, i've opened a word document in my phone using the quickword application and after i close the document, i can't get back the prior internal memory space.

    the document size is arond 1MB (in my RS MMC). when i open it, it uses a whooping 7MB on internal memory (well, considering the internal memory for my phone is only 8MB and the original size of the document is only 1MB, i think the word 'whooping' is appropriate enough. ) which until now, i cant understand why the size swells that big.

    so, to make it simple, my problem is something like this;

    initial phone memory size used = 500kb
    phone memory size when document opened = 7800kb
    phone memory after document closed = 7800kb

    what happen?

    now, with a mere 200kb free memory left, i cant transfer or receive large file via bluetooth, IR or MMS.

    this drive me nuts... (well, literally... because i cant transfer my mp3 or my video file (in RS MMC) to other device via phone)

    can someone help me on this? thanks...

    the second problem, why is the yellow LED at does not blink or response at all when someone calls me or when i charge the phone like it use to be? hmm... i think i hate this model.

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    Re: Nokia 6260 internal memory problem

    The MS Office file format is presumably using some sort of compression to reduce the file size (and then expanded in memory for viewing/editing). You should be able to see the same effect if you first observe how much memory is used by the Office app in Windows before you open the document and then what is used after you have opened it.

    Why the amount of memory on your phone is not freed up could be if the QuickOffice app crashed and didn't clean itself up properly. You could ask QuickOffice support where it stores its temporary files, or similar, and how to clean up after it.

    A rather extreme, but probably effective, way to clean up is to reformat your phone by following the instructions here:

    Or here:

    I don't know when the LED should blink on the 6260, but if it doesn't (and the reformatting doesn't help, either), take it to your nearest Nokia service/repair center and ask them to take a look:

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