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Thread: A problem

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    A problem


    In 2th edition of Nokia series 60 devices I had an application that was able to search instaled applications (by scaning folder \system\app\), give their list and launch one of them.
    Is it possible to do somoething simillar in 3rd edition?

    And second problem is:
    Can I have two different applications sharing the same data (like a game and editor level)?

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    Re: A problem

    First question: no, that's likely not going to be possible unless you opt for engaging low-level capabilities for your application. PlatSec guards the /sys/bin locations, where all the executable binaries are stored, so unless you have AllFiles and/or TCB capabilities granted for your application, you can't "scan folder". There are other means for achieving what you just mention but I doubt this is applicable to an unpriveledged application.

    Second question: yes, it is possible in easy ways. PlatSec documentation has clear guidelines on that. Just for a hint, access to non-special locations, such as /temp is unrestricted. Also, there are dedicated means for sharing data between processes such as Central Repository and "private" UID-mapped locations. Anyway, documentation has it all.

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