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    Symbian client connect to MySQL server


    I was wondering what is the best way to connect Symbian client to mysql-server?
    Connection must use SSL and it's not necessary update data realtime. Only when user press command "update". MySQL-server is runing on Linux.

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    Re: Symbian client connect to MySQL server

    It depends...

    You're probably best off by writing both your own client and your own server app. The client app runs on the phone and the server app runs on the server and talks to your MySQL database.

    The server app could be web-based which you call by sending HTTP (HTTPS) requests, and then process the results on the phone. How you structure the requests and the responses you can decide for yourself (simple keyword/value pairs in a list, XML data structures, or whatever you care or can use).

    You could also use a lower-level TCP/IP sockets approach, if you wish.

    There both HTTP and socket programming examples in the SDKs or in the samples on http://forum.nokia.com

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