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    Visual Studio.Net 2003 Can not build new Symbian Projects


    Hope that someone can help me in this problem.
    Importing the examples that are supported by the SDK60 examples are ok and they are compiled so well.

    The problem is when I am trying to build my new own peoject for Symbian. The Viusal just throw a message telling me

    "You need to specify bother a project and directory name without spaces"

    Actually, I do that as the following:-

    Project name:Symbian1
    Location:C:\Documents and Settings\wael.salman\Desktop\Bemused

    Someone can tell me what is going here??

    Thank you

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    Re: Visual Studio.Net 2003 Can not build new Symbian Projects

    Simple, your path for the Symbian project, "C:\Documents_and_Settings\wael.salman\Desktop\Bemused" contains spaces (where I have underlined) which cannot be handled by some Symbain tools. Move your project to some other location, eg: "C:\Symbian\Bemused".

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