I want to implement a login feature into my app.

I'm able to connect to a server and issue a GET request.

But my problem is that I'm not sure how to design the login code arhitecture right. the http connection callback other methods and for example I have:



this will trigger a callback function that receive a xml buffer from the server.

CMyClass::ReceiveBuffer(HBuf8* buffer)

but I need something like:

- display the login dialog box. when the user press the login button to:
- get a xml file from a server
- parse this to see if the login is ok
(I'm able to do the above but the results are in different asyncronous callback functions)
- if the login is ok distroy the login dialog box
- else display it again.

Because those actions are asyncronous the results are in multiple callback functions

I've studies the



I really need a well written login example.