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    Strange problem with nokia 3510 and mms


    I have strange problem with 3510. When I send a mms message (midifile) to my phone I got answer from my mmsc HTTP/1.1 204 No Content x-nokia-mmsc-message-id: PW9J@cOcGWQAAGIsAAAAAQAAAHMAAAAA x-nokia-mmsc-version: 1.1

    So far so good :-)
    Then my 3510 shows that new message is coming (topleft is that envelope) but after a while it dissapear and nothing happens. I never get the message to my phone...
    When I use Nokia 7650 phone everything works just fine.
    My first two 3510 phones went totally crazy when i try to send mms message to that phone. They didn't even started anymore...
    Then i got my third 3510 phone with new software in it and it does not go mad but i cant get a message in there. If i send mms message from phone to phone my 3510 receive it fine.
    Oh yes, when I send mms using MMS Java Library and my smsc i get the message...Strange...

    Any help?


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    RE: Strange problem with nokia 3510 and mms


    What is the size of the encapsulated message?

    Teemu / Forum Nokia

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